Control all your marketing content.

viingx: the content hub for marketers like you. We know your problems and understand you.

Our solutions ease of use and improved collaboration result in high-quality content that always meets brand and legal requirements.

What are you struggling with as a marketer today?

Your tasks are becoming more and more complex, leaving you no time for the essentials.

  • You are managing more and more content from a wider variety of sources and can no longer see the bigger picture?
  • You use many systems, but there are hardly any interfaces and you have to transfer content manually?
  • You have to email content to others over and over again?
  • Content is created multiple times because no one knows it already exists?
  • Outdated content is repeatedly re-used?

We can’t do anything about the complexity of your tasks, but we can do something about the many unnecessary steps along the way.

With a solution that optimizes your creative workflows, automates many of your tasks, increases your productivity and saves you time and money.

With a solution that is easy to use and open enough to integrate and work with any other system (truly).

Find everything. At warp speed.

With viingx you have one place for all your content. Annoying searches on servers, hard disks, mailboxes? Double and triple recreation because the original can no longer be found? Forget it! You always have access to the latest content and can share it with others and publish it to all channels at any time. So you save time and money and can concentrate on the essentials again.

Full text search · Keywording · Filter · Versioning · Sharelink

Full control. Maximum quality.

You can not only see all your content at a glance, but also its progress and status. You know  that the latest version is always used. You have usage rights under control - problems with copyright are a thing of the past. Users only see the content that has been approved for them.

Workflow and release · Localization · Rights and roles · Usage rights

Automate tasks.

Select content and transfer it to where it is needed? viingx does that for you. Automate recurring tasks? viingx does that for you. Translate, tag or even create content? viingx does that for you. Integrate content smoothly into existing processes and systems? viingx... You get the idea.

You don't need specialists to adapt the solution to your individual requirements. With a few simple clicks you can do it yourself. Some call it no-code, we say “just do it”.

Automation · Support through AI · Graphical user interface for system setup instead of programming

We connect you with everything.

You can connect viingx to virtually any web-based application to share content and keep it consistent. It's easy and fast with the click of a button. For example, with WordPress, Drupal, Twitter, Sharepoint, Hubspot, Marketo, MailChimp, Mailgun, Trello, Google Docs, WooCommerce, Shopify, Adobe Commerce, Salesforce, SAP, Adobe InDesign, ChatGPT, and many, many more.

Connectors - Integrations - APIs (REST, GraphQL)

Complicated? Expensive? No!

Are you worried about the return on investment? No problem, viingx is ready to use and brings immediate added value to your team. And with a simple and transparent cost model, you only pay for what you really need.

viingx is not a cumbersome all-in-one system that does not tolerate other systems next to it, but a flexible, easy-to-use solution that is made for collaboration with other systems - viingx grows with your requirements.

We are there when you need us.

We at viingx want to make daily work easier for marketers like you and relieve you of boring, routine tasks so you have more time for your creative marketing.

We are a team of experienced software and marketing experts. The founders of viingx have been instrumental in the development of the censhare platform for many years, making it possible to implement complex projects all over the world.

We can do content! We can handle complexity! We know what you need in marketing!

With this knowledge, we have developed viingx, the content management solution specifically for marketers, which is easy to use, adapts quickly to new requirements and integrates seamlessly with other systems.

Our leadership team

Matthias Zimmermann

CEO viingx GmbH


Switzerland, Germany

Timo Nüssle

Head of Product Development



Christian Eckerle

Senior Software Architect



Robert Motzke




Jörn Genster

Director Professional Solutions


Christoph Könninger

Director Business Development 


Michał Skowronek

Senior Consultant


Wendy Zweers

Senior Consultant


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